New Video Series

New Video Series Part 1
Installing the Battery Bank.

In this video I detail the installation of the battery bank from start to finish including the importance of a quality location and housing, through to acid containment, ventilation, connections and fusing. I am using simple flooded cell lead acid golf cart batteries but you could easily substitute these batteries with different type or size. This video is for owner installers and I try to only use simple tools and readily available materials.

New Video Series

New Video Series Part 2
Installing the Solar Panels

Here we get up on the roof and install 6 x 275 watt solar modules in 3 series pairs to build a 1.6 kW solar array. The solar mounting frame is built using readily available aluminum rails and support angles using techniques anyone with a home workshop can achieve.

The panel support rails are constructed using 40mm x 40mm x 3mm channel and the attachment angles are built using 40mm x 40mm x 3mm aluminum angle.

New Video Series

New Video Series Part 3
Building the Power Board

This is a simple stand alone power system and the remaining components are a Latronics LS7000 48 volt inverter and a Plasmatronics PL40 solar controller.

In this video they are mounted to a power board and connected to the solar array and the battery bank.

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Installation Manual

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